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        Our manufacturing plant is equipped with multiple new intellectual automatic production lines, which are available for lossless laser cutting; millimeter-level fixed-position welding; mechanized battery cell arranging and EL testing. These Production lines together build up to an annual capacity of 1GW. Our products mainly include: Poly-crystalline, Mono-crystalline, with cell-size of 158mm, 166mm, 182mm, 210mm and also available for customized orders. And we have obtained certificates like TUV, CE, ISO and CGC. 

           Quality Assurance, Constant Innovation and Professional Service are the TOP 3 of our most treasured Core values since the first day of TechWise Solar. These core values have been me lted into TechWise Solar's gene through our whole journey.

             Nowadays we are cooperating with super brands such as Longi, Jinko, Canadian Solar, Risen Energy, Seraphim Solar, etc., and we have earned their approval. Meanwhile, TechWise Solar also stepped into the solar power generation plant industry. By now more than 20 solar power generation plant projects have been built by us and tied to grid, world-widely. 

            In the future, we will keep our eyes on the integration of the solar industry by building the global solar energy products supply and solar energy system integration one-stop platform. We will also aiming to set up overseas service offices and warehouses. TechWise Solar always believe in ourselves that eco-green energy leads to a more eco-friendly world.

 Tier 1 Super Brand


 OEM for Tier 1 Brands such as:

 Longi,Jinko,Canadian Solar,   Seraphim and Trina




       Techwise Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy solution provider integrating R&D, production, sales, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic products. We provide high quality solar panels, inverters, energy storage batteries, junction boxes, photovoltaic brackets and a series of ancillary products and services, which are widely used in ground photovoltaic power plants as well as industrial and commercial, residential rooftop distributed photovoltaic systems.We are aiming to build a global solar energy products supply and solar energy system integration one-stop platform. 

          Our own plant is located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China, producing Top Class Monocrystalline solar modules with a total capability of 1GW per year. Relaying on our fully automatic production line and strict quality control, we've been working with TOP solar energy giants and Tier 1 Solar Brands for years and earned excellent reputation in the industry.